Our Quality Policy



The principles underlying the success of our company in a short time also constitute the basis of our quality policy.

  • Investing in people,
  • To continuously develop the understanding of teamwork with the necessary training and modern infrastructure support for the development of the employees.
  • Honesty and reliability,
  • Fulfilling all commitments on time and in accordance with customer requests,
  • To provide technology and knowledge that will continuously increase our competitive power,
  • To make planned investments and most importantly to contribute to the country's economy with our EURO 3 / EURO 4 and EURO 5 green motor vehicles, all of which are environmentally friendly and nature friendly.
  • To know customer expectations and requirements very well, to offer the most effective and creative solutions at the most affordable cost and quickly.
  • To provide a communication environment that will enable our customers to receive information effectively.
  • Working in accordance with laws and regulations, adapting the changes to the system quickly,

Working with our established quality management system will be the duty of all SUPET personnel, especially us managers and;
As a result, our smiling, satisfied customers and proud, happy SUPET employees will always be side by side. Capturing this pride and happiness will be our organization's right.