SUPET offers partial and complete vehicle transportation services with its nearly 30 years of experience and young fleet. With its wide service network and advanced operational expertise, it offers fast, quality and reliable transportation solutions to its customers. SUPET, which expands its service network and quality every day without having difficulty in keeping up with the developing global world, continues to increase its targets in land transportation, which is the keystone of the sector.

Some of the services we offer;

  • Weekly partial and complete transportation services especially to Russia, Poland and CIS countries.
  • Customs clearance in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine
  • 3rd country transport models from all Europe to Russia and CIS countries
  • Domestic transportation services in Russia and Kazakhstan
  • Oversize and project transportation services in the countries we are working
  • Providing close follow-up of our customers' vehicles with daily trucking reports


SUPET deserved to be one of the leading companies in its sector in special cargo and project transportation, which is the main basis of its purpose in its establishment. Especially in Russia and CIS countries, it has become one of the companies that gives direction to project transportation with its own assets, expert personnel and lashing equipment.

It has come to an important place in the sector with the speed of obtaining road permit documents, thanks to its initiatives that minimize the transit times, which are indispensable in project transportation, and its bilateral relations.

Some of the services we offer

  • Oversize cargo solutions
  • Transfer and lashing equipment solutions
  • Crane rental
  • Project specific insurance
  • Procurement of road permit documents


As SUPET, it is one of our main efforts to respond to the demands of our customers in the fastest way in maritime transportation, which is the most important intercontinental means of international trade.

Some of the services we offer;

  • C Certificate & NVOCC & C TPAT
  • Door to door service
  • Multimodal solutions with maritime transport links from anywhere in the World
  • Project transportation around the World
  • Automatic notification of departure arrival notices to customers by email
  • International agency network


SUPET offers all the logistics and transportation services required for the transportation of the goods to be exported by rail, in line with the demands of our customers. This sector is characterized by high demand and high turnover, regardless of the market situation. It is one of our main goals to continuously expand our railway network in order to contribute to the stability and impressive market share and to respond to the incoming demand as quickly as possible.

Some of the services we offer;

  • Multimodal transport solutions between Turkey and CIS countries
  • Block train organizations
  • Wagon loading, unloading and handling
  • Lashing
  • Project transportation services from Turkey and Europe to CIS countries with/without transfer


With its expanding flight network and systematic cargo operation support, SUPET offers air transport services in export and import shipments to all over the world thanks to our extensive airline cooperation.

Some of the services we offer;

  • Import / Export shipments
  • Strong network around the World
  • Consolidation services
  • Door to door delivery
  • Project transportation
  • Fast reliable and economical service


SUPET has been continuing its activities in specialized transport countries with LTL (Partial) service since 2003. In this mode of transportation, the aim is to provide advantage with the logic of sharing the vehicle freight cost to different companies in cases where the cargo to be carried out does not fill the vehicle.

It has adopted the principle of low cost and fast service to our customers with our advanced vehicles and expert personnel in all our exit routes.

Some of the services we offer

  • Weekly partial exit to Russia and CIS countries
  • Actual transit times and control
  • Free domestic shipping service
  • Door to door delivery
  • Insurance services


As SUPET, one of our goals is not to be indifferent to transit trade and to be involved in transit trade in real terms, which is an important factor in the expansion of world trade. In this direction, as a company, we have developed ourselves and continue our service in transit trade transports with a trouble-free service in terms of documentation.

Some of the services we offer;

  • Indirect / non-stop transportation from Europe to Russia and CIS countries
  • Russia and CIS shipments from Arab countries via Turkey port


Ankara Lojistik Üssü A.Ş., which we are a partner in, by completing its bonded and duty-free warehousing services with its experienced staff and warehouse software and advanced information technology infrastructure, continues its service with a total of 80,000 m2 closed and 60,000 m2 open area.

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