Our Values


Customer Orientation; Perceiving the expectations of the customers correctly and ensuring their satisfaction with the principle of "Win and Win"

Learning and Development; To ensure continuous development and satisfaction with improvement and change studies

Employee Satisfaction; To meet the expectations of our employees by understanding and to be in social communication, to ensure the continuation of mutual respect

Team Spirit: Solving problems together and celebrating successes by sharing

Respect for the Environment and Society; Leading to protect the environment and society, being sensitive and respectful to values, ensuring its sustainability.

Reliability; To harmonize with all our business partners, internal and external customers within the framework of ethical values, to always be honest by embracing respect and love, to convey information quickly and accurately.

Developing Cooperations; To work ethically with all our suppliers in accordance with the Win-Win philosophy, to ensure development, to increase our ethical prestige.

Taking Responsibility; Taking part in processes by taking all risks and forcing them to ensure Customer Satisfaction, following and informing processes in a solution-oriented manner.

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